Aluminum / Stainless Steel Fabrication, High Pressure Metal Forming, High Production Rate, Aluminum Extrusion, Sheet Metal, Coil Stamping, 400 Ton Press, Low Cost

We offer many fabrication services for aluminum, stainless steel and alloy parts, including welding, product assembly and mechanical joining, as well as metal stamping.

Aluminum Extrusions, Sheet Metal and Coil

Metal stamping is the forming of metals using high pressure on the surface of a metal, usually strip or sheet, to create a part. HTP can work with aluminum extrusions as well as sheet metal and coil.

  • Sheet metal is offered in perforated stainless, stainless, galvanized or cold roll. Our sheet metal ranges from 28-10 gauge.
  • Coil is available in aluminum, galvanized, cold roll or galvanneal. Our coil ranges from 22-8 gauge.

We operate press equipment from 20 to 400 tons, with a bed size up to 90″ X 60″.

Metal Stamping: Low Cost / High Production Rates

Stamping has advantages over other fabrication methods, including:

  • Low cost
  • High production rates
  • High strength to weight ratio

Stampings are ubiquitous, they are used in the manufacturing of thousands of products. You most likely see a stamped part every day. Here are just a few examples of places you might see a stamped part:

  • Machines
  • Tools
  • Household items
  • Hardware
  • Lawn & Garden equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Electronic equipment
  • Cars / buses / trucks / RVs

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