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We offer metal roll forming for manufacturers of all types and sizes. We can produce full production runs for major global manufacturers.

Roll forming is most cost-effective in single design and high volume production. HTP offers two roll forming machines to produce parts up to 8″ in width.

Roll Formed Parts
Examples of Roll Formed Parts from Hoosier Trim Products

Coils are available for roll forming in various gauges of aluminum, galvanized, cold roll or galvanneal steel.  Our coil handling capability ranges from 22 to 8 gauge.

Roll Forming: Economical Solution for High Volume Part Production

Roll forming is a continuous bending operation in the metal forming process during which either sheet, coil or strip metal is passed between rolls of definite settings that bend the metal progressively into structural members of various shapes, sometimes called molded sections; the final contours of which are produced by side or edging rolls. Roll forming is an efficient, economical solution for large production runs of metal parts.

To complement our roll forming abilities, our metal fabrication services include aluminum extrusion, stainless steel and steel alloy fabricating; die-making; drilling and tapping; hole punching; and mechanical joining.

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