Functional & Decorative: Hinges, Flanges, Fasteners, Heat Sinks, Auto Parts, Decorative Trim, Complex Shapes, Window Frames

The variety of applications for aluminum extrusions are virtually unlimited. Extrusions can produce parts that range from very small to very big, and almost any quantity can be economically produced if the shape fits the extrusion process.

A well-designed extrusion can serve as both a functional and a decorative part. (We will process extrusions and purchase extrusions, but we do not manufacture the extrusions we fabricate for your project.)

Functional Parts Fabricated from Aluminum Extrusions

Many Design Possibilities

A few of the integrated design possibilities include:

  • Hinges, flanges and fasteners can become an integrated part of the design 
  • Multiple parts can be combined into one extrusion 
  • Complex shapes can be produced at a relatively low cost vs. formed, rolled or machined parts
Decorative Parts Fabricated from Aluminum Extrusions

Examples of Products & Parts Made from Aluminum Extrusions

Just a few examples of the type of products or parts that can be produced with aluminum extrusions include:

  • Aircraft / Helicopter Components
  • Heat Sinks / Cooling Fins
  • Air Conditioning / Heating Ducts
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment
  • Bus / Truck / RV Components
  • Industrial Lighting Fixtures
  • Custom Automotive Parts
  • Flagpoles
  • Decorative Trim
  • Office Furniture & Equipment
  • Home Electronics
  • Window Frames
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Wire / Cable Housings
  • A wide range of hinges, flanges, brackets, supports, etc.

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