We serve major North American industries of all types and sizes in need of fabricated or extruded metal products and parts, including:

  • Automotive
  • Commercial / Recreational Vehicles
  • Commercial Building Hardware
  • Office Furniture & Equipment

Some of the other industries that have utilized our OEM metal fabrication services include:

  • Lawn & Garden Equipment Manufacturers
  • Sporting Goods / Recreational Product Makers
  • Ball Bearings / Roller Bearings / Roller Conveyer Lines
  • Architecture and Construction Industries
  • HVAC / Heating / Air Conditioning Suppliers
  • Industrial Lighting Manufacturers
  • Flagpole Makers

Major industries we service:

  • Automotive Industry — Types of components we can produce include:
    • Exhaust systems
    • Ventilation systems
    • Fuel and brake components
    • Engine cradles
    • Skid plates
    • Cylinder head gaskets
    • Suspension components


  • Commercial Vehicle / Recreational Vehicle (Bus / Truck / RV) Manufactures — Types of components we can produce include:
    • Truck Trailer frames
    • RV appliances and decorative trim
    • Bus / RV restroom components, hand rails, handles / knobs, seat frames and braces, decorative trim
    • Exhaust systems
    • After-market parts and accessories
  • Commercial Building Doors and Hardware 
  • Office Furniture & Equipment Manufacturers

Those are just a few of the major industries that regularly use parts fabricated from aluminum and stainless steel. The list could go on and on. The applications are only limited by the imaginations of designers and engineers.

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