Hoosier Trim Products provides solutions to metal fabrication problems, and supplies answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Click a question below to scroll down to the answer.

Does HTP build its own tools?

We work with several different tool shops in the Mid-West. Each shop has their own specific capabilities, depending on the job requirements.

Is HTP a subcontractor?

We are a 1st and 2nd tier Original Equipment Manufacturer.

How is price determined?

Project prices are based on a number of variable factors, including the raw materials and whether they were purchased by the customer or by us. For more detailed information, submit an online quote request.

Does HTP offer assembly services?

We have the capability to perform light assembly work for some fabrication.

Does HTP supply all raw materials?

HTP will supply the raw material needed for your fabrication project. We also work with our customers if they want to provide their own raw materials.

Is HTP a nationwide company?

Although many of our customers are located in the Midwest region of the United States, we work with customers nationwide, under the NAFTA requirements.

Custom Quotes

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