Hoosier Trim Products (HTP) has been helping manufacturers with their metal fabrication issues for almost 30 years. In that time, we have encountered numerous situations where we have been able to help our customers when unique problems or situations have occurred, to either correct a problem with the fabrication project, or to reduce costs and save the companies money.

Below are just a few examples of the types of situations we have helped improve:

Metal Fabrication Case Studies: Solving Problems

  • A manufacturer of products for Recreational Vehicles wanted a new  part made from cold-rolled steel.Having observed rust quickly forming on the old part while in storage awaiting welding, and being aware of the final use for the part, HTP recommended replacing the cold-rolled steel with galvanneal steel, thereby eliminating the potentially costly problem for the customer.
  • A long-standing corporate client, a manufacturer of industrial lighting fixtures, needed a small custom project done; they asked HTP to produce samples of 10 different parts in 2 sizes each. After we delivered the finished products, a painter lost one of the parts.Although the tooling had already been removed to produce the part, when contacted for an emergency replacement, our dedicated staff was successfully able to craft and deliver the single piece within about 2 hours.
  • A customer was having their finished parts bulk packed. However, it was noticed by one of our employees that the bulk packaging was scratching the finish of the parts.As a service to our customer, and at our own expense, special care was taken to layer and wrap the parts in the bulk container to reduce damage during shipping.

Metal Fabrication Case Studies: Reducing Costs / Saving Money

  • A long-term customer was receiving bulk packed parts from HTP on a weekly basis, and was discarding the packaging after each delivery.HTP recommended that they keep and recycle the bulk packaging back to us. Since their own trucks picked up the products, it was easy to set up a system to return the empty boxes when a pick-up was made. This resulted in an annual savings to the company of approx. $10,000 a year.
  • HTP was able to reduce the size of the shipping packaging for another customer and was able to significantly lower shipping costs.
  • HTP worked for 2 years to direct a change to a paint system to increase product durability and reliability resulting in a cost reduction for the customer.
  • A customer was purchasing an extra piece to complete a part, and was paying too high a cost to have it produced by CNC machining.HTP designed a hard tool to produce the piece and greatly reduced the cost.

Check back soon for more details and new case studies.

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